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Bump Up the Message…


Set Your GPS for Success

(Interactive Keynote Presentation)

“Wayne Lee’s show was absolutely fantastic and a great way to kick off our Management Conference! It was a fun and entertaining event with an enlightening message of the power of positive thinking. Even with a wide range of ages it was enjoyed by all. Thank you again!”
– Amanda Vanberg, Broker Link

This presentation is highlighted by the 1, 2, 3 PUNCH… A great way to boost your teams performance while having a blast.

  1. In this unforgettable interactive hypnosis presentation, Wayne peels back the layers of his hypnosis show and teaches your group positive programming tools to optimize their performance at work and at home. Wayne Lee helps you access and harness the power of your subconscious mind (Internal GPS) to over come the negative habitual thought patterns which block our productivity.
  2. Your group will learn one specific strategy that they can use immediately to overcome stress, change limiting beliefs and perform better.
  3. Your group will received a 10 week goal achievement program that will make the message last a lifetime.
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Set Your GPS for Success II

(Breakout or Workshop Session)

“Wayne was Fantastic! Although Wayne’s presentation brought laughter, he also had a message about goal setting that applies to everyone! His presentation allowed everyone to let loose a little, laugh and bond over a unique shared experience.”
– Danielle Botticello, Events Manager, RE/MAX of New England

This presentation is highlighted by the 1, 2, 3 PUNCH…

  1. In this interactive workshop Wayne dives even deeper into teaching your group positive programming tools to better their performance both professionally and personally.
  2. Your group will learn a specific 3 step strategy to accomplish any business or personal goal. They will also learn how to control their emotional state and eliminate the impact of self doubt, fear, negativity and the stress they produce. To maximize the benefits for your group Wayne will tailor this workshop to your specific industry and your specific outcomes.
  3. Your group will receive a 10 week goal achievement program that will help create the habits and disciplines to improve productivity.
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Bump Up the Entertainment…


Live the Laughter

(A Comedy Hypnosis Show)

“What a highlight; I don’t think I have laughed so hard in my life. It was really the way I wanted the conference to end, on such a super high note. It could not have been better.”
– Rita Polegri, Director of Operations Transat Distribution Canada Inc.
Wayne’s hypnosis show is clean, classy and absolutely hilarious. If you are looking for tons of fun and laughter then this show is perfect for your group. It is also the perfect solution to improve morale and encourage team-building within your organization.

As well as Hilarious this show is very inspiring as Wayne gives all the participants a life changing suggestion to help them achieve any personal or professional goal. This powerful suggestion will also be a tool to help them perform better at work and at home.

It will give wings to any event on your calendar, whether it’s a convention, conference, awards banquet, customer or staff appreciation night, holiday party, or a fundraiser.

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Combination Package


“The combination keynote presentation and Comedic Hypnosis Show was uplifting, enlightening and entertaining!! Your ability to connect with a variety of personalities is a huge asset to any group who is looking for a combination of an unforgettable keynote presentation and an evening of entertainment. I know our group will be talking about it for years to come!! Amazing, unique, one-of-a-kind, believer — are just some of the words we received back from the attendees.”

– Janet Ricciuti, Executive Director,
Funeral Services Association of British Columbia

For a crowd pleasing one-two punch of entertainment and education book Wayne Lee to present his Live the Laughter Comedy Hypnosis Show then follow it up with his Set Your GPS for Success Keynote or Workshop.

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